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Our Story

Since opening doors in 1998 to a New York Times review, "an Indian restaurant breaks the mold,” Chola has been at the forefront of innovating Indian cuisine in NYC. Now focusing on flavors derived from the 8,000 miles of Indian coastline, Chola presents these seaside delicacies in a modern, fine-dining context.

This Fall 2019, Chola’s new menu embarks on a journey along the shores of the western states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, to the eastern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Bengal. Join us as we explore the best of what India’s coastal palate has to offer.


Monday - Saturday: Noon - 3pm
Sunday: Noon - 3pm


Monday - Saturday: 5pm - 11pm
Sunday: 5pm - 10:30pm


Monday - Thursday: $17.95 + Tax
Friday - Sunday: $18.95 + Tax